Gideon's Army International Evangelism Ministry Association is an Association of Christian church founders, leaders, Apostles, Bishops, Pastors, Prophets and Prophetesses, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Elders, Deacons, and members, both men and women who accept the charge as a soldier of Christ to spread Holiness throughout the world.  When the Israelites had forsaken the true and living God, they encountered bondage at the hands of their enemies.  God would raise up a Judge who would lead the people to overcome their bonds and to restore true worship.  God used Gideon to lead such an army and to return His people back to Him. Today, God's elect have again gone astray and forsaken worship of the true and living God to worship idols of material things. We are crying out in the wilderness to prepare the Way of the Lord by returning His people to Holiness.







It is our mission to prepare God's church throughout the entire world by teaching, preaching and living Holy. 

                         Photo of Gideon's Pasors taken at initial organizational

                         meeting in 2011 at the Jesus Baptist Church International

                         Prayer Center in Enyan-Maim, Central Region, Ghana.